African Covenant (ACO) is a political party established to build the best South Africa ever! 


About African Covenant (AC0)

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Unless otherwise stated, the content on this website and its meanings, repeal all general social media statements published for the purpose of campaigning for the 2019 and 2021 elections.  


African Covenant (ACO), pronounced as AH! KHO! is a political party which was established in 2018. The Independent Electoral Commission authorized ACO to operate publicly and nationally from 5 March 2018. ACO has a vision and a plan to build the best South Africa, where the well-being of citizens will be the primary preoccupation of government. South Africa MUST be a crime-free zone, so that business can be established and flourish, and a full-employment be achieved. 


ACO has four policy pillars, i.e. Unity, Respect, Order, and national economic Prosperity. ACO seeks to place South Africa (SA) in its rightful position on the global map, enabling the citizens to responsibly access, extract, process, utilize and distribute the nation's mineral and natural resources. ACO's governance strategy includes the creation of a conducive environment for business to flourish, job creation, tax reduction, access to quality education, access to basic health-care, existence of relevant and access to credible justice, tighter and orderly border control, eradication of crime, decisive clampdown on corruption, and the burial of racism as well as all the other non-progressive isms.


Our service delivery attitude is driven by the values of Truth, Love, and Selflessness. 


ACO's primary goal is to serve the citizens, to uphold the rule of law, to deliver on a just nation, to deliver services to the citizens with excellence and integrity. 


African Covenant (ACO) was founded by Dr. Convy. He is a Limpopo-born South African citizen. Dr. Convy is a social scientist with a PhD or a Doctoral degree in Public Administration from the University of South Africa (UNISA).  Dr. Convy has a vast experience in higher education. He has been with the university sector since January 1994 as a Campus Registrar for Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Executive Director and Dean of Students at University of South Africa (UNISA), amongst other responsibilities. He is the leader of Tshwane Business Forum (TBF).  Dr. Convy believes that there is a lasting solution for South Africa's socio-economic and political problems. 



African Covenant (ACO) is a political party for ALL South Africans. Any citizen or member of the public can  Join ACO now, by completing the online form which appears after clicking this link: 


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1. We need an INDEPENDENT Electoral Commission in South Africa for the election to be free and fair: