South Africans are coming together under AFRICAN COVENANT (ACO), a political party which is geared to build a South Africa for ALL South Africans under God Almighty. Become part:

E-mail: WhatsApp: +27 82 560 3900

About African Covenant (AC0)


African Covenant (ACO) is a new political movement with a vision and a plan to build the best South Africa for South Africans under a righteous (Godly) government. 

Policy position

ACO (pronounced as AH!-KHO) has four policy pillars, i.e. Unity, Respect, Order, and national economic Prosperity. ACO seeks to save South Africa (SA) from the ongoing borrowing trajectory, and to deliver the Nation from the structured intergenerational scourge of poverty, thereby among others, creating a conducive environment for businesses to flourish, job creation, tax reduction, safety & security, access to quality education, health-care, credible justice, tighter border control, as well as eradicating crime, corruption and racism.

Core Values

  • Truth 
  • Love, 
  • Selflessness, 

these values inspire Service Delivery to the citizens with integrity. 

Founding leader

African Covenant (ACO) was founded by Dr. Convy, affectionately known and referred to as DrConvy. Attached is his abridged profile. ProfileDrConvy.pdf