African Covenant (ACO) is a political party established to build the best South Africa ever! 



2019: ACO contested the 2019 election. With a limited effort and abridged resources, we received a fraction of the votes, and the rest went to the current care-taker government. The citizens are best placed to explain their current service delivery experiences and to pronounce on their current satisfaction levels. 

2021: Some of the South Africans gave their votes to the current political parties which are managing the metros, municipalities and local councils. Again we should reiterate that the citizens are best placed to comment on the level of service delivery satisfaction. What we can report on at this stage is that a range of public reports are showing that many places in our country have dissolved into zero levels of depreciation due to the mismanagement of funds and poor service delivery. Maintenance of the infrastructure is no longer featuring on the priority list of things to do at most of the three spheres of government. Disunity and corruption have become the pre-requisites for access to basic services and entrance into employment opportunities. The youth are being trained into becoming beggars, depending on the State for their subsistence. Disorder has invaded all spheres of government. Most of the people have lost respect for the police and the army. Lawlessness reigns supreme than the respect for self and for others. Corruption has made a 360 degree settlement in the nation. Almost everywhere, including at university admission points, the citizens are expected to pay bribes in order to be served. Poverty is fighting against national economic prosperity. The citizens are generally treated with unique forms of disrespect. These and many other reports of social ills, constitute the feedback we are receiving from several citizens. 

2022: Political parties have two of the many choices in the current South Africa. One, it could invest its effort in becoming an evaluator of the political party which is currently managing South Africa and shifts its focus from its purpose of establishment, and Two, it can invest in preparing for the opportunity to build the nation. African Covenant (ACO) has opted for the latter. We are preparing to step into government in order to SERVE the citizens. This preparation includes the welcoming of stewards from all over the country into ACO. Orientating and training them on the ACO Politics Unusual programme. Any South African citizen can become a member of ACO.

General considerations: Apart from the daily one-sided political reports by the print and electronic media, there are countless strategic and operational activities happening in the land. The State Capture and tax-wasting report has been released. Its documents have been archived in the Union Buildings in Pretoria. There will be no consequences whatsoever for all the criminal activities found. The commission was an absolute waste of State funds. The perpetrator cannot punish himself. The judiciary which was characterized by a range of things and controversies in recent times, is imploding. State Owned Enterprises are being auctioned to presidential children as some sort of payback inheritance. Stronger nations of the world are busy positioning themselves as dominant investors in the land. Technology moguls of the world are freely using South Africa as a lame Gini pig for testing anything that has potential to negatively affect lives. ACO urges the citizens to remain vigilant. The government's evil love for money has overtaken its responsibility to ensure the prevalence and the promotion of health and wellness for the citizens. Remain encouraged. This season of being managed instead of being led shall pass. We pray that it should pass alone, leaving us to serve you with excellence and integrity. There is hope for South Africa. ACO is about you. To ACO you are an employer, and ACO is your servant. Just get ready to VOTE ACO in the next election. The current pain will expire accordingly.

ACO is unashamedly ethical. ACO will NEVER support the murder and termination of human life. ACO will NEVER tolerate criminal spirits and their negative influence on the citizens. ACO will NEVER support any disorder on and against the family structure and values. ACO will NEVER divorce righteousness. ACO will ALWAYS be in a COVENANT service relationship with the citizens. ACO will NEVER interfere with responsible human freedom to choose, fellowship, associate and speak. ACO will always love citizens and serve them with respect and selflessness. VOTE ACO at all times!