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ACO believes that the public deserves to be led by exemplary leaders.

ACO is of the view that any vaccine which is found, must first be TESTED upon ALL the members of the cabinet of the current ruling party and government. The results of such vaccination must be published after 14 days from the day on which they would have been injected. This report will provide us with the strength and weakness of the vaccine. Only then can we commence with vaccinating and/or not vaccinating members of the public. So, the current sitting president of the country and members of his family must be the first ones to be vaccinated, followed by the current deputy president and members of his family, then all cabinet ministers and their children, then provincial premiers and members of their families, then municipality mayors and members of their families, then members of parliament and their families, then members of the provincial legislatures and their families, then members of the municipal councils and their families. Only then can we have an engagement with the general public.

Secondly, ACO is of the view that whoever was responsible for the procurement of the vaccine, which landed in South Africa at the end of January 2021 and/or at the beginning of February 2021, must be disciplined and be dismissed for incompetence and corrupt behaviour. This is the person who procured a vaccine without following the prescribed due diligence for procuring vaccines.

Thirdly, the current sitting president must voluntarily retire from office. He is too weak to preside over South Africa. This nation needs a leader who can accurately discern the secret agenda of the global force, which is against the economic prosperity of South Africa and Africa. South Africa needs a leader who can intelligently and boldly protect the country and the continent from the hidden evil motives and deadly vulnerabilities, which are coming with the new world order agencies. This agenda is clearly going to have huge adverse effects on many generations.

Finally, it has become apparent that this Covid-19 season has turned South African into a corruption warehouse. Looters and thieves are dining on the lockdown table. The corruption treasurer has released fear and death as deterrent of people's attention on the erosion of resources. 

We call all South Africans to be ready to vote for ACO at the next election so that these unethical activities can be dried up without fear, favour and hesitation.