South Africans are coming together under AFRICAN COVENANT (ACO), a political party which is geared to build a South Africa for ALL South Africans under God Almighty. Become part:

E-mail: WhatsApp: +27 82 560 3900


Details of active branch leaders and other ACO coordinators at local level are available via 

The decision NOT to publish their names at this stage is because ABOUT five of the popular political parties have been going after ACO quality stewards with financial offers and enticements, just for the purposes of demobilizing our life-giving solutions from taking off in our communities. 

These evil behaviours by these parties have left some of our teammates broken and troubled because some who fell for the trap were eventually dumped like rubbish bins, as a punishment for lack of integrity. 

We urge our stewards countrywide, to endure to the end. This season of fire and high waters will pass and your current and temporary persecutions will become your testimonies.